Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Bob and Elena are miracle workers. I came in originally with a shoulder injury that I thought was a rotator cuff tear. I had been plagued with problems that ended my kayaking season and ultimately my shoulder "froze" and started wreaking havoc with my elbow and wrist since it was my dominant right hand. I rely on using a mouse all day every day and it had become so painful, I had to start using my left hand only...leading to neck, shoulder, and back problems on both sides.Dr. Bob diagnosed my problem with a few simple tests to determine that it was not any kind of major tear requiring surgery. He and Elena got to work with adjustments, PT, medical massage, and cupping.I had been told it might take a year to get my shoulder back where it needed to be. After about 6 sessions I am at 90% of where I was and I an work again!!!They also helped me with ergonomic recommendations for my desk, at home exercises, AND when carpel tunnel symptoms and respiratory issues came up along the way, they nipped those in the bud and staved issues.Their positivity and holistic approach I cannot say enough about. I always look forward to my sessions. I also super appreciate that they are about getting me well and Dr. Bob said, don't be afraid to use it and move it. I got out of my "whoa is me" and thought instead "wow! how lucky I am that I didn't take a different path towards healing. The results with their tag team efforts were far beyond expectation. In fact, after just 3 sessions, I already felt 75% better and had enough range of motion for normal activities. I look forward to kayaking, biking, and throwing a ball a long distance for my pup again.If you are seeking a super positive experience, holistic healing approach, and a dynamic duo whose only purpose is to get you well as quickly as possible so you don't have to drag it out for months and months, these two have very individualized approaches that yield results. In two weeks, I go back for dry needling and am excited to see if that plus the other methods they use will get me that last 10% range of motion and increased strength than I even started with.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Dr. Bob and Elena! You two are true healers and beautiful people that I am almost happy to have gotten this injury because now I know you and some new healing modalities I had never known about before!"

- Nichole O.

"I had been struggling with knee pain for years which was interfering with my active lifestyle of hiking and cycling. Dr Bob was able to promptly identify the biomechanical issues and I started seeing immediate results without resorting to surgery or other invasive procedures. I now combine my adjustments with a message from Elena for an affordable and highly therapeutic experience. It’s so great to wake up in the morning pain free. Thanks Dr Bob and Elena for your commitment to good health."

- Mike D.

"Remarkable results. I was in some serious pain from a back injury, and had not seen a chiropractor in years. Dr. Bob and Elena told me to come in right away. The kind, thoughtful approach along with the remarkable reduction in pain made the whole experience fantastic. I'll be calling them first for any/all new issues. I'm so happy to have found them."

- Bobby M.

"I have received an excellent care from dr Bob and his assistant Elena. In Very caring and professional and effective way they took away my extreme back pain more than 70 % at my first treatment . Fantastic manual skills and modalities. I could not be more happy. I will continue to see him and strongly recommend his services not only if you at need but to make sure your body is in right alignment to stay healthy."

- Edyta G.

"My 10 year old daughter was experiencing ankle and foot paralyzation and numbness for two months and a half which prompted us to look for many specialists at the children's hospital. Different specialist and doctors were not able to figure out what was wrong with my daughter's right foot, PCP referred her to rheumatology, neurology, pain clinics , and physical therapy; and while she is still under many studies she is now able to walk again thanks to the treatment that she has received with Dr. Hochfelder. She was able to get more sensation on her foot, and recovered more mobility after her visit with Dr. Hochfelder, and it has taken till only her third visit to be able to actually walk normally again. She also is able to move and feel her foot completely and she is back to regular her regular activities. Thanks to Dr. Hochfelder because my daughter has her life back again !!!"

- Andrea C.

"Dr. Bob is a caring, wonderful and extremely helpful medical professional. Dr.Bob and his team truly care for their patients and cares about their whole body health. I would recommend him to anyone who has had a bad chiropractor experience or anyone dealing with a new or old injury. Dr.Bobs payment model is affordable and very helpful for those who can’t afford or go through insurance. Every time he will take care of you and every time he will give you top quality care."

- Daniel S.

"My family went to Dan Helberg for our chiropractic needs for over two decades. In 2020, Dr. Bob Hochfelder took over his practice. Dr. Bob is sensitive, caring and skillful in his observations and manipulations. We were pleasantly surprised by the new techniques and equipment that he uses in his practice. In addition, his assistant is a skilled physical therapist."

- David W.

"Dr. Bob is the BEST -- he goes above and beyond! If you're looking for a no-nonsense Chiropractor who is straightforward and honest with your care, then he's your guy. I feel at home and taken care of by the staff -- it's an overall fantastic place to get chiropractic care!"

- Caci P.


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