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Chiropractor Boulder CO Robert Hochfelder

After suffering a sport-related injury, Dr. Robert Hochfelder decided to pursue chiropractic after receiving life-changing benefits from a long-time family friend that was a chiropractor.

Dr. Hochfelder graduated chiropractic college from Cleveland University in 1988 then headed back to his hometown in Florida and began a successful practice caring for patients of all ages. Dr. Hochfelder is a nationally registered certified medical examiner with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and an arm of the USDOT. Additionally, while in Florida, he studied acupuncture and became certified.

The love of the mountains of Colorado brought him back for winter fun. Dr. Hochfelder relocated to Boulder to continue providing quality chiropractic care to it’s residents. Dr. Hochfelder brings over three decades of clinical experience managing a myriad of simple and complex musculoskeletal complaints. Along with treating pain with the most modern methods of care, Dr. Hochfelder emphasizes structural care as it relates to functional health in the management of arthritis utilizing physiotherapy, rehabilitative exercises, Flexion-Distraction spinal care, and manual and instrument adjusting of the spine and extremities. Dr. Hochfelder has always cared for his patients with the intention of serving with 110% effort and desire by providing what patients expect…quality health care.


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